1. We do not undertake electrical carpentry & plumber job. 

2.The vehicle transportation charges given is based on the present    prevailing market rate which will be liable to be charged at the time of    transportation. 

3 .We or our agent shall be exempted from any kind of loss or damage     done due to accident pilferage fire rain collision or any other road /river     hazard or any natural calamity. So to avoid loss or damage we advice     you to insure your  consignment covering All risk. 

 4. Please be noted while carrier risk no individual policy receipt from the      insurance company will be given. 

5. We would request you please to pay us 80%as advance on total amount     along with your purchase order and the balance amount at time of     pickup the things. 

6. The above rates are quoted by keeping in view of the our basic standard     packing material used in packaging of your value house hold article. 

7. If required we also provide  storage facilities to our customers at a very     normal charge of Rs 1/- per kg per bag.

8. All payment should be made Favoring of " L G TRANSPORT "     Companies Account. 

9. Please keep your cash/jewellery /mobile /laptop and important     documents in your custody. 

10. We would be thankful, if you could give us prior information of 4-5 day       in advance to start the packing  of your valued article. 

11. If any doubts about terms and services please talk with our marketing       manager or office number given below.